Today’s corporate marketing is a mix of event planning, branding and a whole lot of social media.

business people group in a meeting at officeCorporate marketing has taken a complete 390 degrees. It has literally come out from behind the walls of the boardroom into the wide open space of the public domain where everything that a brand says, does or thinks is constantly being scrutinized. What once seemed like a fad that might quickly die down, has increased exponentially and for event branding companies like Messex Industries, social media has become another extremely important thing to consider when creating brand logos and event designs.

Before any event branding design or logo is created, the design team must meet in order to discuss the direction they will need to take in order to achieve the best results. This includes things like meetings with the event planner to keep in touch with the event’s theme, researching the brand and making sure its brand’s image is positively reflected in the design and consideration of the following elements when it comes to any new designs:

  • Does the design reach a global and broad spectrum of individuals?
  • Does it consider all social groups?
  • Is it socially responsible?
  • Does it send the appropriate message about the company?
  • Is it easily recognizable?

Social media has not only changed the face of the Internet, it has changed the face of marketing as a whole.

Events + Branding + Social media seems to be the new formula to successful marketing and there is no better example of this than the Sochi Olympics this past year. The increased presence of social media and event branding was evident as each sporting event took place. Most notably, if you had the opportunity to watch the luge, bobsled or skiing events, you would have surely noticed that social media, branding, logos and events filled up just about every empty spot available.skiing on fresh snow at winter season at beautiful sunny day

It was definitely the “coolest place” to hang out so I have been told.

Why is social media so important for event branding?

  1. It increases opportunities for brands logos to be posted on a number of social media platforms when images and videos are uploaded by individuals present at the events.
  2. The increased use of mobile devices and cell phones have provide a means to easily post media on a number of social platforms at the same time.
  3. Increased competition means brands are vying for any opportunity for free media and increased brand exposure.  There is simply no better way to achieve this than via free social sites.

Messex Industries has been providing event branding services for the past twenty years and it finally feels like this is our time to shine.  We are coming out from behind the “step and repeat,” onto the red carpet and we invite you to follow us on our social media to keep updated on all things related to event branding, social media and everything in between.