Messex is bringing its own brand to life in the social sphere!

As we move forward into 2014 with a new website, blog and more “socially centric” vision, it only seemed fitting for us to reflect on some of the things that lead Messex to consider this new direction. Looking back over the past year, I found myself trying to remember if there was one single defining moment that changed everything for our brand.

One of our best moments from last year!

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I have since come to realize, that this was not the case.

In fact, there were a number of different factors that influenced this decision, including the desire for our brand to become an integral part of the social sphere. Many of our clients are part of the social network and it just made sense for us to follow suit, in order to support their efforts. We look forward to engaging with them, and with you, on a variety of different social media platforms.


Change is a very scary word for a company that deals with event branding on a daily basis. When it comes to your brand, reinventing the wheel can often make or break your business, depending on its effectiveness.

Radical changes to your brand can alter the perception of what your brand stands for, therefore a small change in direction or focus, is a far better option than a complete brand makeover.

A complete change in your brand could potentially result in losing clients instead of generating new ones. This can be devastating, especially if the goal was not to solicit more business, but to promote the brand. It would be a terrible fate for any business to lose clients simply because they decided to “be a bit more creative.”

Taking all of this into consideration, we put our social marketing hats on, came up with a few simple changes that we feel reflects our brand in a positive way and we hope this will eventually increase our brand presence on the Internet.


It all begins with our social channels!

Feel free to join along with us.

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